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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: US Night-O Champs: Green


1. Out to the trail, past the side trail and up the reentrant on pace and looking R.
2. +06:00Wobbled quite a bit, and had trouble following the compass. Probably would have done much better with a handrail. Not much candlepower and moving slowly because I couldn;t see very far in front. Came out at the fence trail jucntion, then overran the reentrant down the hill and was confused for a bit.
3. Straight, reading all the contours perfectly, but didn't realize I was looking for a control on top. Luckily I found it anyway instead of looking in all the reentrants around there.
4. This was my Peter Gagarin moment. Headed back across the spur to go down the WNW reentrant, but somehow got in the WSW reentrant instead. Saw that it was going the wrong way and got the heck out of there. After that the only problem was I was scared I'd missed it and I just went too slowly.
5. Didn't want to drop all the way to the trail, so went more northerly, hoping to pick up the NS trail after it climbed the hill. Picked up the ride (although I didn't see it on the map) and took it to the trail near the manmade object, then stayed on trail to the bend SW of control, walked on pace up to it.
6. N to the trail, then W looking for the second small trail. Got on it and cut off when I was in the middle of the big flat yellow area, straight up to the top of the hill. Easy.
7. +01:00On compass until I picked up the small trail again, then followed the trail most of the way through the wooded section. Aiming for the control from there, I saw what I thought was a reflector and ran hard for it. Turns out it was Judy Opsahl standing still and looking down near the rocky dot knoll past the correct boulder. Kicked a small boulder hard there and almost did a face plant in the rocks. Hopping on one foot, went back and found the rather hidden control.
F. Had to hop crossing the bridge, as I'd really slammed my toe.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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