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Race Evaluation



4. +00:10Bearing over the top. A little lack of confidence near the end, but didn't give up...
5. +00:30Long contour, picking up charcoal platforms early. Looked let and that maybe, just maybe I could see the contour feature, but then things started getting confusing as the spur was coming up and the reentrant before it looked bigger than I thought it would be, so I climbed up two contours to get on the (broad) spur. Nothing there, so I jogged down (having just gone up/aiming off), keeping the edge about the right distance to my left, and looking behind rocks.
6. +00:05Mostly on line, but crossed the rock line that went down to the control unsure if it was the mapped one. It seemed to continue a long way, so I presumed it was the mapped one and very left a little off my compass, and there was a rock.
7. Drop, then contour, climbing a big at the end as I wasn't sure where the spur was going to be. Saw Nadim, David and some other (Indian?) guy exitting the control.
8. +00:30Drank, and when I'd finished, everyone was gone. Aimed to trail left of powerline, but hit it right, and turned right on it a bit before cutting through. Caught Indian guy and barely passed him down the rocky trail. Followed trail and I think I missed the turn down, barely, as I could see glimpses of David ahead. Eddie streaked in from the left as I was contouring across. Hit platform below reentrant, took (poor) bearing a bit too far right and was surprised to see Nadim, then David, then Eddie seeming to go via a rock on my left. Hadn't really climbed to much when I decided the rock Eddie disappeared behind fit the description.
9. +00:25Eddie rapidly disappeared up the hill, a red beacon disappearing just before he hit the ridgeline, as I was passing David O. I was shivering a bit when passing David, when is a bad sign given the super-hot weather, so I slowed and chatted a minute before jogging again. Just a little hesitant on the way down and missed just a little right.
11. Pretty straight, just had a really hard time moving up hill in the heat. Eddie creamed me on this leg...
14. Chasing Nadim out. Stayed mostly on the trail, then diagonalled in at the end, ahead of Nadim

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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