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Race Evaluation



1. Up the trail until it got steeper, then over. Hot.
2. Straight. I started to get off a little to the left but corrected as I saw others converging.
3. +02:00Off to the right (low). I came back to the fallen tree, then went higher and saw it.
4. Straight, reading the rock as I crossed it. As I got nearer and started following boulders in, Dave Onkst came in from my right and got there first. I take my time to drink two glasses of water.
5. +02:15Down to the road at a little more of an angle than Dave. Leaving the road from a rocky line, I angled up chasing Dave. He seemed to get too far right. I read the hill okay but got too high. While Dave cuts in under me, I stop at a rocky area and realize where I'm at. As I turn around to go toward the control, Dave is simulataneously saying where it's at.
6. Almost straight over, cutting a little under the rocky areas.
7. +01:00Going straight across, I got too high and past the control. Realizing it at another rocky area, Dave again is headed there and gets there first. I take my time to drink two glasses of water.
8. Across to the trail chasing Dave. I passed him on the trail getting to the second to last turn. I didn't see the last turn but went in anyway. When I cross the narrow reentrant, I see below where it stops, then continues. Dave indicates I'm too high but I keep going feeling I know where I am. Seconds later, a charcol terrace confirms it and I contour over. Another person is coming in from above but I already know where it's at.
9. Angling up the hill, I start to lose Dave who is trying to read his way up rather than race it. I walk a little and see Eddie coming from behind. Eddie gets ahead and crosses the power lines to the path. I'm thinking that going straight is risky but I chase Eddie anyway as he leaves from a trail bend. At the second trail, I recognize the bend and the stoney ground on the other side. With Eddie still in my bearing, I see the tip of the next stoney ground and see the reentrant west of the control. I may have stayed in the reentrant if it weren't for seeing Eddie turn left sharply to the control. I take my time to eat a Gu and drink two glasses of water; not worrying about even trying to keep up w/Eddie in this heat.
10. +00:15Mostly straight over. As I near, I see Eddie headed toward #11. I started to think the control was higher and hesitated while looking that way. Re-reading the map, going ahead and seeing the reentrant, I think it's a bit more shallow than the contour indicates but the control is there.
11. Up to the trail bend, then to a sort of spur at the power lines. I come across the depression which is much smaller than I thought it'd be but still am very cautious as I keep going. A woman is looking off to my right and below. I expect to see it ahead but don't until rising enough to clear the lip of the charcol platform as I spike it.
12. +00:45As I had approached #12, I thought the trail might be a good option. Drinking 2 glasses of water there washed the thought from my mind and I started off straight reasoning that it looks open and I couldn't miss the trail ahead. I cross and am surprised that I'm ocaisionally right in the same tracks through the ferns that someone else ran. However, it's slow going and I stop seeing the tracks. It seems to take so long that I pause a few times to read the map again. Finally popping out at a trail bend 100m from the 2nd intersection, I move faster on the trail. I recognize the next intersection by the contours ahead to the left. I take the next left and leave near a charcol platform that's on the map but that I don't see anywhere. No matter, the reentrant is hard to miss. I go to the top (south) side of it and attack. A .75m boulder is ahead but it turns out not to be mapped and not the one I'm looking for. I read more and decide to go down whereupon I soon see the control a contour below.
13. As I leave, I hear someone coming. Somewhat contouring across, I don't plan to go the to the trail intersection but pop out near it anyway. Going in from there, I cross the first reentrant and get into the one with the control but hesitate w/o going far enough down. Finally I do as I hear someone coming from above.
14. At first I didn't even see the intermittant trail so I set off straight--the trail ahead should be a solid catching feature. Dismayed at the rock detail ahead, I read more, see the intermittant trail and go for it. As I do, Wyatt is going down it. I converge on him but am amazed at just how intermittant the trail is. Wyatt seems to know it since he doesn't slow down except once. I didn't even have time to pass him before he was on the move again. Suddenly he cuts left. Not knowing why, I stop, read the trails ahead and figure we're at the bend. I close the gap as we cross the second trail at the wide curve but Wyatt gets there ahead of me while spiking the control.
15. +00:15I set my bearing and wondered why Wyatt was going more to my right, almost uphill. I rushed but realized as I crosse the power lines and see others, that Wyatt went for the trail. After the power lines, I chicken out and cut right along them toward the trail so that I won't overshoot.
F. Wyatt is well ahead, I don't try to run hard. The heat was enough.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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