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Race Evaluation

West Point A-meet: Long Blue


2. Stayed pretty much at the some level the whole way.
3. Passed by Nic Duca just before the control.
4. Dropped down immediately, and crossed on the dam (including the spillway).
5. Climbed a few extra lines, up to the indistinct trail, but that provided easy running on the bench.
7. Started out too far to the left, puzzled by big cliffs that I couldn't find on the map, but other people showed up and revealed the way.
9. Okay for about the first half, then drifted way left, then corrected but did an awful job of identifying the rocks, and checked a few that were too far to the south.
10. Nikolay passed me and I was behind him for the first part of the leg, then Clam passed me and I followed him in to the control.
11. Walking and eating gu.
12. Somewhat left of the line, did a pretty good job of managing the climb and of knowing where I was at the end. Had to tie my right shoe.
13. Too far left, maybe influenced by people on other courses.
14. Way too far right, following the crowd, got to a control but the code was wrong, and I had to find the right one on my own.
15. Samantha went tearing by, clearly not having been to the control, even though I knew she was signed up for Blue. If I could have caught her, I would have told her. Then she changed direction and we crossed paths, and it turned out she had switched to Red. Pretty straight route for me, between the green marshes.
16. Had to tie my left shoe. Went almost perfectly to the control, didn't see a rock, and had to spin around to spot it just behind me.
17. Fast contouring, passed at the end by some guy who was much faster.
18. Fairly level route right of the line.
19. Saw Peter up ahead about halfway along. He had another control to the left, but I went over the last hill.
20. Pretty much straight, maybe shoudl have stayed on the trail a bit further to avoid the big reentrant. Got to just outside the circle, and initially didn;t think the spur I was looking at could be right because the shape was wrong.
21. Probably should have gone straight, but I couldn't face that hillside, and did the climb on the road instead.
F. Overshot by a few meters.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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