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Race Evaluation

Great Mt Rogaine: 6 hour


1. Last minute decision to head N to #30 instead of in the pack of runners up to #77 along the road. NW to little trail through green, down to base of big hill and along to reentrant. I found reentrant, but not flag, Bob came up reentrant and got it.
2. Planned to go along path at bottom of hillside, but couldn't find it and went WSW over to main trail. Then some fussing and back and forth to figure whether we were N or S of turnoff to Old Man McMullen pond, on to #77
3. # 86 - Road past marsh to small clearing, up the spur to saddle, planning to go through to reentrant on other side, then cut over. Basically worked ok, but lots of huge cliffs and uncertainty.
4. #41 - Contour along steep hillside to flatter area, spur showing up on the side as we hoped.
5. # 78 long downhill to cross N of Camp Pond, Trail S to where it stops climbing, then uphill on compass. Took way longer than we expected. Flag hung very high, almost missed it.
6. #66 - Trail to Mountain Rd, long road run to Norfolk Center, then on 44 to Botelle School, up past playing fields and pond and on compass. I got distracted by unmapped lower spurs, but Bob charged up and found it.
7. #48 - SE to path, checking off junctions until it crossed stream, then up on S side of marsh to reentrant. Very clean.
8. #29 - Back down reentrant and on compass. Didn't see path or stream, which was kind of spooky, but hillside was unmistakable. Came out on top just S of hill with control on it and saw the flat area, then corrected and up to it. Bob is starting to fall back, and I have to wait for him.
9. #67 -Down spur to the S. Met Lex and Mary Jo at the dam. Scary place to cross. Down trail to S end of pond and up reentrant.
10. #60. Back down reentrant and along trail to dam. Saw Lex and Mary Jo again, and then Joe and Kirsten. Out to Rte 272, then had trouble figuring out where to cross. Eventually got into large unmapped field and could see OB house on hillside. Aimed to cross spur below house and pick up trail, crossing marsh and ending up opposite Windrow road. Headed uphill between houses near R in road. Through mapped field, which was ok, then into about 100 meters of blackberry hell. Ouch! and Slow! Just keep going up to the top.
11. #79 - Couldn't find trail out to the W, so down through nasty mtn laurel and worse. Finally came out near Forest HQ, where we saw Alan Young and Declan. On road uphill to small trail jct, then up past big cliffs on compass and keep looking. I was basically looking for the high point, and could see the little clearing and the flag from a bit of a distance. Bob lagging behind.
12. #87 - Time crunch, and decided to blow off #39. SW to trail near first junction, then on trail to lean-to, up through woods to NS trail near unmapped wall corner. Hard to say where trail stopped, as elephant tracks through ferns continued along at least as far as control. Saw several teams here, including one that warned us not to look for 87 because many had not found it. Following elephant tracks on E side of long hill, until suddenly we were past it and crossed over to W side of ridge. Figured (correctly) that we were even with reentrant and backtracked into it. Nice leg.
13. Bob has had it and wants to go to 70 and in, but I am unwilling to pass up 88. We do pass up 49, though. SW to marsh, then S to reentrant and R to spur and up spur until we get there. Tried to stay to right side of top, and hit it right on.
14. #70 - NNW to marsh corner and across stream. On compass looking for right reentrant. Passed a boy and his father a few times, dropping back to wait for Bob. They drifted a bit left, but I just went up reentrant to top and spiked it.
F. In - There was some brief talk about going for #44 (and I put it on the intention sheet), but Bob was pretty tired and he prevailed to head in. Tried to contour around to left of big hill, and it seemed we were headed way too S, but somehow when we reached trail we were at clearing near top, so we had managed to go straight W, but by a circuitous route. After some back and forth to confirm that was where we were, went S on trail to pick up W trail and jogged some because time was getting away. After second bend, where trail went uphill and to the SW, went straight and on contour, headed for finish. Lots of laurel, and it took a long time, but finally caught small trail and could see tents in the field, so we were ok!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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