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Race Evaluation

Wester States Champs: Day 2: Blue


1. Didn't want to go over the top of the hill, so went around right. Hit a bit low and had to climb slightly to avoid steep contouring / green.
2. Dogleg.
3. A bit too careful.
4. +00:30Did not read the map well, and almost went too far East. Corrected before descending from the hill above.
5. I didn't want to climb the steep hill in the terrain, because I was worried about loose footing. Hence, I went around right on the road, cutting off a little bit of climb near the top.
6. +00:15Confused by all the logging roads.
7. No reason to go around the hill, so over and contourish down to the road. Ran up the road a bit, but not all the way. May have been a good idea, because I ended up close to the road before swinging back left down into the reentrant.
8. Nice course setting! One might be tempted to cross to the nearest road, but that incurs unnecessary climb. Instead I went down the spur to the small trail that turns into a road. Then shortly after the T-junction, I cut across rather than running on the road all the way. Not necessarily any faster, but saved a bit of distance.
9. Easy.
10. Over the top of the hill, then carefully down - many shallow reentrants!
11. +03:30Missed high, probably because I was tired and scared of going too low on the hill and having to climb. Met Mikell as I was running into it - Magnus was also approaching.
12. Straight, aiming a bit left.
13. Mikell and Magnus went straight, whereas I cut to the road. Magnus was 14 second quicker, but I came to the control from above.
14. After having decended to 14, I was able to start running up towards 14, whereas Magnus groaned and walked initially. Mikell was 30-40m ahead of us.
15. Magnus picked a straighter route than me through the field, and gained a few more seconds.
16. Contoured.
17. Saw Magnus dropping left, and Mikell climbing right. Decided to follow Mikell, because it would be better to descend on the control from the top. In retropsect, I think it would have been better to avoid the extra climb, since I was getting pretty tired. By the time I got to this control, I could not see either Magnus nor Mikell anymore.
18. The course setter had put my last leg right on the trail where lots of little children were running white and/or yellow. I tried to avoid killing any of them as I sprinted down the hill.
F. Streamered run.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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