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Race Evaluation

PNWOF: Arnold Ice Cave: Green


1. bit unsure of myself, headed vaguely east. then figured out to find the copse in the dry wash
2. bounced off the ice cave
3. headed for the road, passing just S of the elliptical rock formation.
4. difficult footing leaving the control to the W. In hindsight, best would have been to skirt to the N.
5. First time here, not much of a problem
6. Went first to an isolated tree to the SW of the control. Then saw the bag. Picked up Glen Tryson around here (he was running his 2nd loop, being on Green-2)
8. Drifted E to catch the E-W rock stuff, but too far E. Had to go W to the control.
9. Glen & I both had some difficulty remembering which rock cluster, so we checked each one on the way. I passed him here. But of course he went on and I started the 2nd loop.
10. Saw another Green runner in front of me (call him Mr. X)
11. Bag was visible, besides, Mr. X was there first.
12. 2 people at the control helped guide me in.
13. Easy to find this time -- same direction as first time.
14. +04:30Another oxygen debt problem (see notes on Sprint). I knew that if I was careful, I would have a good total time (it turns out I would have come in 3rd). Somehow when I got to the rocks SSE of the control, I was convinced that the cliffs across from me were the rocks N of the control. I wandered with 2 other runners until one of them figured it out.
15. looped around the left a little bit. I knew where the control was, because I made sure before I started that I knew. I saw other runners later having a problem because they evidently didn't do that.
F. Whew. Nice course, Sergey!

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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