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Race Evaluation

QOC: Summer Short Series Fountainhead: Sprint #2


1. It was already feeling dark when I started. Dave Onkst started 2 minutes ahead of me. I chased up the trail, leaving it as it bent uphill. I counted reentrants then cut in. I again had forgot to read the description and while running to the center of the circle I saw it between the ditches as described.
2. +00:10I passed others leaving #1 while going up the reentrant but I couldn't tell who they were. On the top of the hill I turned left too much and was helped by the sight of Dave Onkst coming back to the control too.
3. +00:30Going somewhat left of straight, I crossed the trail near the intersection then recognized the spur SE of the control. Going over it, I clearly recognized the reentrant junction before seeing the ribbon.
4. Over the first hill at the saddle I crossed the next reentrant. While climbing it the next ridge I figured it was too steep so I cut left sharply to contour around and in. Perhaps it would have been faster if I had seen the low route south of the line through the reentrants all the way, but that may also have been too messy.
5. +00:35Over the saddle and down the left (east) side of the reentrant. I got confused and thought for a while that the control was in the reentrant. After going to two rootstocks there I reread and cut left sharply to the control.
6. Straight there, tentatively at the end.
7. More nice downhill though I cut through a portion of the darker green area; straight there to spike it.
8. Rounding the inlet, I was tempted to jump in and wade across. Once across I climbed the first hill and got to a saddle on the ridge. I kept a slow plodding climb up, rounded the reentrant on the right as the ridge widened, then dropped-in to the next. I was able to line-up the multiple side reentrants and spiked it.
9. +01:45Going straight, as I crossed the trail, Heidi Onkst was coming the other way. I figured she and the 2 others who were chasing her were headed to #11 and I wondered if I could catch them. I should have been paying attention to my compass. I never saw the fence or the green and got a bit left. The reentrant didn't seem to line-up but I could see a junction down it a way. After pausing a while, I went in then cut left at the junction to follow it uphill to just below a small clearing. While I was doing this, Peggy was going the other way. She was out of sight but I turned around to return to the junction and cross the next hill into the control.
10. Just right of straight. I was headed right to it but aided by Peggy coming in from my left.
11. I passed Peggy on the way to the trail. I stayed on it only a short way; leaving before the top of the formline knoll. Dropping into one reentrant, I cut left and found nothing. Turning around and going down Peggy caught up. I still didn't see anything so I kept going. At the next junction, the reentrant seemed to be going off too far to the east but Peggy said something and I later figured it was right by myself. I think I passed her to get there first.
12. +00:10Leaving #11, I said to Peggy, half in jest because of my error on Sprint #1: "We're leaving #11 and going to #12, right?" I confused myself and started to head to the finish instead of #12. I said it again and upon her second reply I realized the error I was starting to make. I corrected direction, got ahead and paused at the trail. I could see the formline knoll on the trail to my right so I dropped ino the reentrant ahead of me. It was correct but a longer way down than I thought it'd be.
F. +00:20I should have continued down the reentrant and followed it to the trail. Instead, I followed it down a short way to a junction, then climbed out and crossed the trail to continue straight. I realized a few steps in that the trail was better running. I cut left and sped of down it slowing just at the end. Jon T. and Dave P. were waiting and Jon told me I was ahead of Dave by about 50 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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