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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 2: Blue


2. +07:30Not reading map closelyenough by a long shot, made a parallel error and kept compounding it as I repeatedly "realized" where I "really" was. Finally, in the process of heading out to the road to bail, I finally found a feature I actually did correctly identify.
3. Straight, passed by willhawk, and shortly after that by Magnus.
4. +02:30Just right of the line, then trned left at the road and cut the corner, passed by DanS-H at that point. Climbed up at the road bend and attacked, but misidentified the white blobs and was looking in the wrong place at first.
7. Well, I managed to do this one right, anyway.
10. Navigated directly to the correct reentrant, but initially looked lower down, and my view of the control up above was blocked by some young evergreens.
12. Passed by Swampfox, and soon after that by Sergey, who I believe had just recently been overtaken. RIght of the hill, then I stayed straight through the woods rather than going to the trail. Cut the corner behind the last little bump.
13. Walking a little as I fished the gel pack out of my pocket and sucked it down.
14. Diagonally down the hill, then straight across all of the flats rather than using any trails. A little cautious at the end, and it worked out perfectly.
15. +05:30Straight south over the top, then down through the meadows, passed by Leif and Eric in the process. Failed to get high enough leaving the meadow at the bend, and wound up attacking from the wrong clearing. Beautiful parallel confusion, and wound up in the rough open north of #16, thinking I should be next to the control. Spiraled my way in from there.
19. +04:00Alas. Everything was going so well on this leg until just before the end. Fast downhill to the trail, left it at the big boulder, read the features going down the hillside, but then mistook one for another, got a little to the right, and the next thing I knew I was down in the flats NW of the control wondering what was what. Circled around like an idiot, then headed back north until I could see stuff and figured it out. Tom Carr was leaving the control as I arrived.
20. Got to the feature fine, but didn't see the control at first. The pile of water bottles finally caught my eye.
21. Smooth and fast.
22. Headed back toward the trail, but what I thought was the trail was very faint, soI skipped it and just headed SSE. Was pleased to be able to read the light green and pick out the clearing, making the control a piece of cake.
23. Several people seemed to be attacking back toward the previous control from the and of the finish chute.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:30

Split Analysis

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