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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 2: Blue


1. I guess several people followed the road. I didn't see that as an option, and went straight instead. Hesitated slightly when I saw the first stream.
2. +03:45Didn't notice the mapped stream through the green, and got confused in that area. Was a bit too far north, and trying to figure out streams and vegetation. Considered relocating on control #1, but didn't have the guts.
3. Pretty easy navigation - found the clearing and the depression just E of the control.
4. Climbed on small trail rather than going straight.
5. Used contours and vegetation.
6. Again, contours and vegetation. Mmm, water...
7. +03:30Stayed in the field for a little while, then through the saddle and started climbing. Did not plan the final approach well enough, and missed below. Should have noticed the stream that leads into the control. Swung around and hit the control from above.
8. +00:30Missed to the left (found the next reentrant). Should have followed my intuition.
9. Followed spur.
10. Went left of the cliff and around the vegetation. Control was higher than I expected.
11. Along cliff on the right, hesitated a bit.
12. Stayed high and did not hit road until just south of the small hill. Then went through the little saddle and south.
13. +00:30Went too far left and found the boulders in the reentrant to the NE.
14. Went rather straight, and ended up being on the line still when coming out of the forest. (Probably should have dropped more quickly.) Didn't stay on road through the open, but went straight and rounded below spur looking for clearing. Easy to find it from there.
15. +06:00Wasn't careful enough when coming down the spur, and ended up in left clearing. Then went down the hill off the map to the left thinking I was going back where I had run the day before. Suddenly, nothing made sense, and I stood there looking at my map for almost one minute. Climbed back up by stream, still not sure where I was, but decided that I could not be too far off the line, and went on compass course. The more I climbed the more certain I was that the hill to my left was the one I should have tried to avoid. Hit the clearings with the trail running through it. Navigated into other clearings and found the control easily.
16. +00:10Stopped short when I came to the rough open because I thought I had come to the clearing already, but a quick look at the map helped me realize I had a bit to go.
17. Stayed high in order to avoid having to climb.
18. +00:15Met Mark Prior who was running to #17. Came into the rough open too far N, and had to check the map to realize where I was.
19. Down to the path, then past it I got confused by a first-aid area that was not in the area mapped. Back to the path and down it until the stony ground/hilltop. Then on compass and following rock features.
20. Fast run, trying to shake Mark.
21. Followed rock features / small hills.
22. Back to path until just past the green. Then South past the rock features.
23. To the trail!
F. Trot.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:40

Split Analysis

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