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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 2: Red Y


1. +00:50down to start triangle and up to area. Saw Alar coming back. Unfortunately I ignored him and went to high. There were several thickets up there.
2. straight. Caught Alar.
3. Straight across field to control.
4. +00:10straight. Was a little right and started across lower field piece. I overshot the control but just a little.
5. +00:20Dropped down to trail. Booked along trail to the junction. It was fun run going down the hill. Up hill and ended up left early but corrected without to much trouble.
6. Passed by blue runner. Went up the hill. Blue runner off to right. I don't know if he had the same control or not. I got there ahead of him.
7. straight. Got there just ahead of Robbie Paddck who I guess was on green.
8. +03:00Went right around out of bounds. climbed up the hill. This is where things started falling apart. I was at the field to the right of the line about 1/2 there when I flaked out. I did a hyperspace jump and determined I was at the field south east of the control. So I changed course accordingly. Up over the hill and started having trouble. Things weren't looking right. I wandered over. just kept going and eventually relocated at the green area northeast of the control. Went to the control.
9. +02:30Got to low. Circle hid the rocks I was at so I overlooked them. I dropped lower and had to climb back up.
10. Down hill, across fields. Ran along side of the steep hill. It was too steep to run properly. Hit field at end of hill just right of line. Navigated to the control but wasn't fast about gettting there.
11. +04:00Picked up the pace and sprinted across the field. Unfortunately I was running the wrong direction. I pegged a small spur with rocks on it. I was confused that there wasn't a control. I still can't find where I was on the map so I guess it was an unmapped rocky spur. Saw blue runners heading out of the area. Saw Alar again leaving so I knew the control was the other way. Headed back towards field when I saw the control.
12. Contoured around.
13. rightish to the trail. Trail to the rock feature. then ran straight to the area. Lost count of which hill I was at. Wandered around before spotting the control. Dennis Wildfogle was off to the right. I saw Alar off to the left.
14. straight
15. over to trail. Trail down the rocky area. Cut in, crossed field and pegged control. Running more cautiously after my numerous screw ups.
16. straight
F. tried to run hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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