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Race Evaluation

NEOC Regis College: Sprint


1. +00:10straight throught green, don't think going around would have saved that much time, but eyeglass strap came undone halfway - repaired at a jog
2. crossed double stonewall to southern trail and in from there
3. +00:30straight to cliff, didn't see bag, slogged through crap below cliff to other end, no flag - decided to read clue - east end, back through crap and finally saw flag hidden by blowdown up around corner near top of cliff
4. +00:10ran on contour to stone wall and in - not sure why I didn't take trail downhill, but probably choosing most runnable route leaving control - fell in mud in stream enroute
5. straight to stonewall trail junction, then around marsh on trail, took left fork and up at bend
6. left around marsh. cut in to white woods about 50m past trail junction - spike
7. +00:10exited control through green to trail so as to not lead anyone else into control on sharp dogleg - Ross ran by on trail anyway - probably should have just gone back the way I came in faster woods. Interesting control at the end with a couple very quick trail choice decisions required - spiked it.
8. +00:05on bearing, but drifted slightly left of line choosing best runnability but came back on it just fine
9. +00:45transition to urban section of map. the circle on #9 caused what looked like a white gap in an uncrossable wall (also looked like a sidewalk to me) so I went left like lots of other suckers.. damn, had to go all the way around
10. +00:15lack of contours coming down the slope (no contours mapped on the part of map) caused me to hesitate as I came down to road, then realized that there just weren't any and moved on across the lot
11. approaching building I could not see a flag in front, so actually read the clue - flag up stairs on patio. luckily no time lost. Starting to slow down - hard to push in humidity.
12. +00:10Ross passes me on gentle downslope to flag. Flag seemed too far right, but was visible a long way off. Map also shows wall all along road but coming from that direction no wall visible on the ne half. Wall should probably be mapped as embankment or cliff if only seen from street. Really starting to drag now
13. straight & easy, gained a little ground on Ross
14. +00:20quite a bit of mature landscape plantings just before tower yet area mapped as open ground - I could see top of tower, but visibility low down was nil. Went through planting only to find tower surrounded by unmapped impenetrable hedge, had to follow it around to left to find gap - in and punch - Ross long gone.
F. +00:15vegetation along boundary quite impenetrable and not mapped too acccurately - followed edge of open area though not where shown on map and downhill to finish

Total Time Lost - 00:02:50

Split Analysis

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