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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 2: Red Y


1. Left to reentrant and up spur.
2. Did not check features en route
Lacked concentration
Intended to go staight; distrtacted.
3. Left through clearing.
4. Reentrant to trail to clearing.
5. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Planned left but went right; had difficulty relocating in parallel features.
6. Right; between cliff & reentrant; right of hill.
7. Right; over spur to clearing.
8. Right of big clearing; up to little clearing; NE by cliff; N over top; through clearings right of line.
9. Contoured slightly right; over little spur to reentrant.
10. +01:30Right of big hill through clearings; attacked from rocks over spur to clearing. Should have gone left around big hill
11. Right of line to knoll then spur.
12. Hesitated
Contoured to right; W along rocks to knoll.
13. Down rocky spur to big rock; right of line through rock features.
14. Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
Brain cramp!! Parallel error between rocky knolls N & S of control. Poor relocation.
15. S to path to knoll; S to small clearing.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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