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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 2: Green Y


1. Left the trail before the start triangle, which was a mistake. Ended up at the area too far S, and I lost some time.
2. This should have been easy, but I made it hard. Here's where I first met up with a runner (mr. x) starting behind me who I saw at every subsequent control until #10 (except #6 and #7)
3. mr. x beat me to the area, but i went around the S side of the copse, finding the control first.
4. I ended up in the bigger reentrant to the W before moving E, punched in just after mr. x, who came from the S.
5. Went up reentrant to E of #4, almost missing it. Had no difficulties after that. Punched in as mr. x was coming from the N.
6. ran fast and straight, losing mr. x for a while
7. thought i was on track, but control wasn't where i thought, so i needed to wander a bit
8. fairly straight, ended up SSW of the control. punched in just after mr. x
9. Funny thing happened: i was running side by side with mr.x. He clearly was going to overshoot the control, so I punched in beside him and kept on running. He was hard of hearing and didn't hear the beep.
10. I had a great plan -- run like a maniac down the trail until I hit the tip of the field, then head west. Unfortunately, I used the bend in the trail 200m N of the one I wanted to use. After wandering in the wrong area for a while went back to the trail and figured it out. D'oh!
11. From here on in, I had no problems.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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