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Race Evaluation

Alaska O-Festival Day 2: Red


1. NW to foot trail, along that and eventually out to the tank trail, cross the creek on the tank trail, then out the spur, across the valley, and along the ridges.
2. Along the ridge to the bend in the trail, then compass
3. East to the trail, where it crosses the spur I cut NE to the other side of the bend, then direct to the control
4. Compass
5. NW to near the large creek, along it to the swampy dog trail, eventually south to the edge of the hill (this area has been flooded by beaver dams), along the side of the hill and over to the next trail, then across the swamps to the end of the ridge
6. Direct
7. Direct
8. Direct
9. Direct
10. Along the side of the ridge and out to the faint trail, follow it to the swampy clearing, then direct to the hill
11. Back across the reentrant and over the hill.
12. Direct
13. Direct
14. South to the trail, then along it until almost to the tank trail
15. Direct through the woods
F. Trail

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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