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Race Evaluation

Alaska O-Festival Day 2: Red


1. Fairly direct. Skirted the swamp, but had dense vegetation. Obviously not the fastest route choice.
2. Lacked concentration
Lacked confidence
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Was nearly to the control when I decided I was off. Saw Elsworth and followed him for a while bfore going back to the trail and shooting in again.
3. +02:00Somewaht direct, once on trail followed it around then shot in. Did not go quite far enough before starting the search pattern.
4. Over to trail then in from closest point.
5. South to trail then over to intermitent trail across mushing trail and over.
6. Direct
7. Direct
8. Direct
9. Direct
10. Direct
11. Direct
12. Direct
13. Direct
14. +01:00To trail then to main trail and in. Overshot and had to circle back.
15. Direct
F. Direct

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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