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Race Evaluation

Alaska O-Festival Day 2: Red

Cory Smith

1. Bad route choice
Trail west to tank trail, N on tank tr, left on trail towards marsh. Decided marsh was too wet, south around marsh to trail. N on trail to right turn on ridge, then in.
2. Along ridge and direct to edge of black spruce.
3. Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
East to trail, along trail to horseshoe bend and in. Missed control and had to go out to the powerline and in three times before hitting it.
4. Compass to small hills
5. Bad route choice
Started direct west, then changed my mind and took long southern route along trails. Stayed on trails all the way until near #6, then north on ridge to control.
6. Saw 6 on my way to 5, so turned around and went direct.
7. Confused parallel features
Compass east. Thought survey line was small trail near control and stopped too early. Continued on and found correct ridge.
8. +01:30Compass. Wandered around reentrant for a minute or two before finding control.
9. Direct
10. Confused parallel features
Ugh. Direct to trail, then compass. But I was not where I thought I was on the trail, so I ended up well north of control on another ridge. Two trips back out to the trail before I realized the problem.
11. Direct
12. Direct
13. Direct
14. Out to trail, to intersection with tank trail, then in.
15. tank trail
F. direct

Total Time Lost - 00:20:30

Split Analysis

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