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Race Evaluation

Alaska O-Festival Day 2: Red


1. NW to trail, direct to ne edge of green then direct
2. direct but fumbled east of the boulder in the green woods
3. direct to trail, trail to near ridge then direct
4. direct
5. SW along veg boundary, past 2, then to se end of trail, then nw past 8, up dog trail to purple line then direct across high ground, swamp and up the narrow ride to just south of control
6. direct - Dick gave me a punch to tie onto the control so I stopped to do that. I subtracted 20 seconds from my split as compensation.
7. Direct but drifted a bit north
8. direct along spur
9. direct
10. direct to trail, up to swamp/clearing, then direct
11. direct. No flag when I got there. Searched reentrant top to bottom, checked nearby reentrants, climbed hill to SE to look around, found flag on my way back down the hill. Recovered it and took it up to the center of the circle and hung it for all you guys to see. Subtracted 5 minutes from my time based on esimate and comparing splits with Ian.
12. direct but drifted to east side of depression
13. direct
14. up trail to just shy of tank trail then up hill to flag
15. direct
F. trail

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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