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Race Evaluation

WCOC Ansonia: Sprint


1. +02:00going around by nature center seemed too obvious so I ran along field edge looking for a gap - mostly light green with a skinny bit of medium, found a small gap, go downhill, getting strung by briers, then bottom of hill total impenetrable crap... double damn..., finally get into rough open but its no better, just lacking trees, roll right ankle.. finally get to trail and in, but seriously disillusioned already
2. +00:30lower trail, into woods, stop to tie shoe, then up to bag
3. +00:20south through more pleasant crap... once on trail briars are still reaching out and snagging shirt - this really sucks
4. trail due east, more grabby briars through field, but no time lost
5. trails...
6. straight - spike - why so slow?
7. +00:15point features seem too big, slow down to put things in perspective, some nasty veg in here too but avoid most of it - cleanest line leaves me about 25m right, quick correct
8. +00:10straight, but again cleanest line pulls me right
9. +00:15a little left of line, hesitate when ruined wall mapped as stony ground, but correct quickly, two flags there, check code on wrong one first
10. +00:05down trail to bend, then straight, minor hesitation coming up first spur
11. rentrants and contour up right side of hill
12. straight
13. +00:10cleanest running in marsh - muddy, but open, attack from marsh bend - climb to middle of knoll before realizing circle on sw end
14. across marsh, through parking lot and down
F. sprint - or at least a half-hearted attempt

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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