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Race Evaluation

BAOC Shell Ridge: Blue


1. The route should at some point find its way here. Went straight-ish; who cares about climb?
2. Caught up with an AR/ultra type who started 2 minutes ahead.
3. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Had this control in 2004 and remembered something funny about it; the boulder seemed more towards the E side of the ridge, not its apparent cenerline. I nailed the bag in 2004 (accidentally) but this time, proudly navigated to where it should have been... and of course it wasn't there. So then, the AR dude says, "is this one ours?" and I go "where?" and sure enough. Already remembered where to look for it, and didn't.
4. Ran away from the AR dude.
9. Oh this one wasn't yellow alright... more like the color of mortal fear, sidehill on a loose steep slope. Quite technical. I nailed it, the only complaint being, I should have cut through the broad spur halfway down the leg, eating those two contours.
10. Spooked a coyote. It ran away, peeking over its shoulder at me several times.
13. Here's where my health issues started to really show. Fullness in the back of the head and in the neck. Slight dizziness. Moderate dissociation. Anxiety. I walked.
14. In the middle of the 55 m of climb on this leg, I looked down as I was trying to find a non-loose patch of ground, an oh boy would it have hurt if I didn't find that patch.
15. Jogging down, every step boomed in my head. At one point it felt like some blood vessels in the neck were about to give out, filling my brain with pleasant non-being. <END YELLOW LEGS>
16. Walked this one, too. Scared to go on, but trying to get out of the woods before imminent stroke and death.
18. Really scary on the downhill. Not in control; legs were becoming cottony. Ground tilted with respect to me, and oscillated. Booming in head.
19. Bob Cooley found this one for me; I was about to proceed down the main reentrant, immersed in feelings of impending termination.
F. Not thinking clearly
Although I had been jogging snce Control 13—very little perceived effort— the HR got up to 175. I stopped just short of the finish, confused, and looked for the finish e-punch unit at the last White control. Then people at the finish (incl. Mom) yelled, and I went there.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:25

Split Analysis

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