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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Gay City: Red


1. does NOT include map copy time. down to trail, north to bridge, over knoll
2. south to trail, left around lake, due south to trail, in from saddle
3. +01:20thought about trail left, but decided to cross country, just R of straight line, clean and fast all the way, then confused narrow marsh past boulders & missed L, back to knoll and try again
4. left of marsh to use distinct spur as attackpoint, clean... right of marsh might have been quicker
5. +00:05straight & clean - flag hidden by tree so lost a few looking for it
6. east to trail, trails to distinct stonewall corral, then straight - spike
7. +01:00lost about a minute trying to open water jug, then away..below cliff and in - spike
8. straight, spike though slow on hill
9. +00:30out to trail, then cut in too early and pulled L near trail, had to go farther in
10. out to trail, then hard faceplant, slow for a few controls
11. +00:05down to trail, reading ahead, crossed stream putting map away and rest of course on map memory - spiked reentrant but initially didn't see flag
12. over top to trail, left trail when woods opened up, easy hilltop control
13. straight down ridge
F. nice open park run

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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