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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Great Brook Farm: Green


1. +03:00Wasn't "in" the map. Kept finding myself at the group of boulders just to the north of the control, didn't realize how close I was.
2. +00:45Reading the map a little better, but moving cautiously. Ended up too far right of the control. Saw JJ briefly.
3. Took the trail to the left and just followed the reentrant up. Clean leg.
4. Ran to the right of the line. A lot of detail here, didn't feel like I was picking up any of it! Saw JJ again, evidently having screwed up 3.
5. +01:00Thought I was taking the trail to the left, actually on the right. Realized it and hit it with some hesitation.
6. Mostly a trail leg, wall right on side of reentrant.
7. +00:30Got confused with all the trails. I'm sure I crossed an unmapped bridge, I ended up sticking to the trails again.
8. +00:30Went all the way around to the right of the marsh, a little longer than I meant, but went okay.
9. +01:00Followed the line, more or less, and ran into what seemed to be an unmapped wall and somehow it was right on my route of travel.
10. +00:40Took the road route. Attacked the control perfectly, but from 10m away I didn't think it was the right one (feature-wise) and veered left to the wrong one!
11. Ran the line, basically clean.
12. Ran to open area and attacked from the wall intersection. Got my foot stuck in the mud.
13. Meant to cut across the marsh at the building but didn't see it and before I knew it I was at the road, so I just went around.
14. Took the left route, I think the right would have been faster, but I didn't want to change my mind.
15. Feeling pretty tired for such a short course.
F. +00:04Wanted to finish in less than 70, stopped killing myself once it clicked by on my watch. ;-)

Total Time Lost - 00:07:29

Split Analysis

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