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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Great Brook Farm: Green


1. +00:10Expected a vegetation change. Hesitated before plunging into saplings mapped white
2. +02:00Suspect the control was misset in the long reentrant that leads from the trail to the formline depression and lets out into the marsh. Ran back to the clearing and checked every reentrant as I went back NE on unmapped trail.
3. +00:10At the tip of the clearing, started up the wrong trail (middle one) for about 10 steps and went back
4. +00:20Went slightly left to avoid climb, took the middle trail, saw the dried pond and then ignored it, standing like a dunce on the final trail for a while
5. Went left and down reentrant.
6. Went down to the field and took trail. Reran this leg while doing control pick-up...NE along ridge to ride and then took 2:42
7. Took and unmapped bridge (early), then adjusted.
8. Went to the left (south of pond)
10. +02:24Went right. Came to ten, and realized I had no punch card (pinned to shirt...must do something different with cardstock punchcards). Went back for 2:24 to stone wall, then decided to continue.
11. +00:10Looked at correct rock for 10 seconds like a dunce instead of checking it immediately.
13. Went straight.
14. +00:05Ran road, but didn't read map well and cut in early, heading to a point on the wall corner.
F. DNF--Lost Punchcard

Total Time Lost - 00:05:19

Split Analysis

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