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Race Evaluation

USMA Extreme-O: Intermediate


1. I knew I was going to be slowest here; I do 12+ min/mile on training runs
4. Saw Ellen O'Keeffe higher on spur than I was headed; adventure racers much farther down the spur, so I pulled ahead of them.
8. Coming out of 6 I stayed high to cross stream because I could see an awful lot of black/rock hiding under the circle. Made up good time on Ellen, Mairead and Bob R. who stayed on S side longer.
11. Good thing Ellen and Mairead were still in view; I didn't look at the map long enough.
14. Still keeping Ellen and Mairead in view; Joe B. runs up the hill past us.
15. I had checked out the plotting instructions ahead of time so left the top before Ellen & Mairead.
16. Intended to take spur NE until I was past the swamp, but I got "sucked in" too. Could hear outcries to my left as E&M found the swamp. Brrr!
17. Saw Ellen and Mairead come out onto road as I was leaving control.
19. I futzed around in the more northern reentrant for awhile, not believing I had to go over the edge of the hill. Must have been getting tired/brain dead. M&E caught up and said it was over the edge.
20. Headed SE towards stream instead of directly towards lake, intended to save my legs some with a slightly less-steep descent. M&E followed me, then pulled ahead.
21. M&E took off while I struggled to carry the weight.
23. M&E were taking the 2-min penalty but I cleared 1st obstacle okay and all subsequent ones with no penalties. Pulled ahead of M&E again.
F. Mairead took the penalty on the bat spin while I spun myself silly.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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