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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Great Brook Farm: Green


1. +00:301st time on this map. Woods a lot greener than mapped. missed on 1st attack from 3 boulders, hit on 2nd attack.
2. Attacked from trail bend.
3. +05:00Major stuffup. Did not clearly read map SW of control, interpreted stone wall as a trail. Was actually on the Stone Trail S of control, ran a goose-chase loop, came to clearing and attacked successfully from the Indian Loop from trail bend NW of control.
4. +05:00Another period of confusion. Trails did not make sense with map. Eventually reoriented on drainpipe-shaped trail N of flag, jumped S a trail, than attacked from trail bend E of flag. Grrr.
5. Saw Lex and Pete at the flag, where we agreed that this section of the map is not for old eyes.
6. Trail system N, atacked from OOB fence corner W of trail. Arrived just after Lex.
7. Trails to left, noting this is the most indistinct firebreak or "ride" I can remember. Attacked off trail bend NE of flag. Coming out of control, see Lex attacking from wall corner S.
8. +01:30Took wrong trail out of control. Intended to go more south by the swamp, instead went west. Near the control, I could not definitively ID any of the boulders as attack points until I was on the NW-SE trail NE of the flag. Water, water, I need water.
9. Almost due west.
10. N to the W side of the shack, crossed the flow on a bridge, then clumsily uphill NW until I hit the trail. Saw the wall corner, attacked from the knoll to the E.
11. Trail to road, jumped off at the wall bend, and in.
12. S to open area, attacked from the wall jct.
13. Since I was wearing my "work sneakers", I didn't want to cross the marsh, even though it was mapped as crossable. Trails to road and south on the dry open woods.
14. Trails until just S of the water, then crossed through the woods on the ridge line.
15. Let's see if I can punch quickly like the fast people do.
F. Had to slow down so as not to spook a horse. Pedestrians and cyclists are required by state law to control their speed so as not to frighten horses. Everyone knows this, right? Even in spite of not running 100%, my HR average for this last bit was 180.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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