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Race Evaluation

Trout Brook Valley WCOC Meet: Red


1. Along main trail to knoll.
2. E on compass, past small depression
3. NE on compass across green streambed, along hillside to flag
4. Downhil to trail, to trail through open area to wall, then N on compass to prominent hill.
5. WNW across streambed and stone wall to trail to larger trail, to intermittent trail on Ralong W of hillside, across rocky marshy reentrant to W trail up hill, then below cliffs, past mapped uncrossable but now dry marsh, under cliff on knoll and in on compass, across spur and spike.
6. Followed under cliff, but didn't see boulder cluster. Since I got to marsh, press on, didn't see second boulder cluster either. Went by rock and dot knoll I thought might be the ones mapped, then saw flag a bit further on larger dot knoll.
7. +01:00Fumbled around a bit climbing over various knolls and spurs. Seemed to take a long time to get to the right reentrant.
8. SSW along reentrant and saddle, across marsh to base of cliffs, past end of cliff and in.
9. +00:30Started S, then cut more E to get around tip of green spur and into bigger marsh. Across marsh and up reentrant toward knoll with cliff on it and marsh I passed on the way to #5. Across trail, leaving knoll, and then rootstock on my R and on compass. Stopped a bit short in rocky area, then continued on to flag
10. Started S, then went W through green and across marsh I crossed on the way to #5, just above green marsh. Picked up rocky trail S, across large trail and L of marsh, then up reentrant. Could see cliff from quite a distance.
11. S, looking for place to get down cliffs, went a bit R of line. Crossed marsh, and up reentrant leaving spur with knolls on my R, and straight in on compass
12. S to yellow below dam, follow yellow across, then climb up to trail. Find little slot and straight in to control.
13. +00:40Fumbled a bit leaving control, and came by it again 40 seconds later. On compass and up the hill.
14. Straight. It was a little further than I thought, but I was right on line and could see the knoll before I got to the one before (that I had thought was it).
15. +00:30E to the new trail, then S on trail, stopping often to check the map, which I didn't seem to be able to read while I ran on the rocky trail. Dropped down a contour before getting back up on long spur, then OK.
16. Climbed down the first cliff (kind of slow), then picked up the trail. Second cliff was way too scary, so I followed trail past cliff to cutback, down rocky trail with the rope along it (which I used gratefully). Rick came up behind me at the bottom of the rocky area, as I cut the corner toward the marsh. Somehow saw the smaller trail on the right and followed it to the flag.
F. Sprint, to stay ahead of Rick. Course was advertised as 7.1, but my measurement is only 6.2. Thanks, Neil. Lots of fun and a great area.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:40

Split Analysis

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