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Race Evaluation

Trout Brook Valley WCOC Meet: Red


5. +00:20Took obvious trail route left of line. Run right through the "uncrossable" pond, then missed left and went to the boulder on edge of circle. Corrected immediately.
6. Line O, being very careful to stay on line so as not to miss a flag.
7. +01:00I was in the right reentrant, but further NE than I thought. So running up the reentrant a ways without finding the flag, I stopped and carefully surveyed the map and terrain to see if I could be in the wrong place. Nope. I kept going further and there it was.
9. Through the uncrossable marsh again. Then , after the trail, went right of the knoll and low. Running was good, but had to climb back up two lines
10. +01:30Plan was to get around the green to the S and then go pretty much straight, but I somehow veered right of line and crossed the big green marsh. But it was dry and not all that green so I thought I was crossing the smaller marsh left of line. When the trails weren't right, I finally figured it out and went straight from there - which meant a very steep climb up between two cliffs.
11. Went right of line to avoid the cliffs, then through the marsh, up the reentrant and spiked it.
12. +00:45Along the dam. I came in left and circled around to it, at first misreading the contours.
15. Took the lower trail, just continuing down the spur when it turned downhill.
16. Caught Gail here, and she was going right over the cliffs. No way I was going wimp out and go around. But the second cliff was a close call. When I got down, I cut pretty close to the house and went straight to the parking lot at the road.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:35

Split Analysis

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