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Race Evaluation

NEOC Prospect Hill: Green


1. Left. HR 150
2. wall to trails; stayed on the trails, attacked from 1st shack. HR 158
3. Didn't want to climb needlessly, instead got bogged down in the stony ground, and stayed too low too long. HR 155
4. Ran too fast
Attempted and failed to go R of the line to hug the stony slope. Instead, drifted L, found the E-W trail, and relocated at the bridge. Went into the correct reentrant and didn't see the flag in the middle part of the reentrant. Attacked again from the stone wall E of the circle, found myself in the same reentrant, and this time, found the control quite a bit higher than I guess from the map and the control description. HR 143
5. Cut L from wall when the terrain flattened. HR 158
6. No attack point
Over, just to R of parking area, down an unmapped trail. Bounced around this area a bit, confused by the other control. Came in from the trail bend SW of circle. Eventually found control quite a bit closer to road than I expected. HR 146
7. +01:00Up almost to the top, found the mostly N-S trail with the rock in the middle of it. Probably should have gone R on paved. HR 153
8. HR 142
9. +00:45Tried to stay close to the wall, but found myself much higher on the trail, closer to the gate than the cliff side (my attack point). HR 151 (I love this view of Boston.)
10. Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
Trail network to about 250m NNE of control. Got confused by the Orange (?) control. HR 147
11. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Brain hiccup. Based on the screwup of the prior leg, I dropped to the road to have a chance to get back into the map. Took trail NW, attacked from the large boulder W of the clearing, and misread the contours. HR 149
12. +00:30L around first hill, then straight just uphill a bit from the walls. Went a bit too high. HR 160
13. +00:45Intended to skirt the marsh and go mainly straight. Instead deviated S and went over the little knoll to the picnic area; saw the cliff and flag from the road. HR 155
14. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Major failure to plan. At least I was in contact with the map for almost the entire way. Exited the open swath too late, came around from N. HR 155.
15. +00:15Trails to Y-jct, then straight. HR 151.
16. Did not check features en route
Intended to run the ridge line, exited L 1 reentrant too early. HR 162
F. HR 162. Overall, a pretty clean run for me. Some errors and lapses of executive function, but no errors major enough to curse the sport and wish I were mowing the lawn.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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