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Race Evaluation

Trout Brook Valley WCOC Meet: Red


7. Went straight from 6, up reentrant, around nose of cliff into reentrant but no bag. Went just a bit further and it was tucked around on edge.
8. Looked in reentrant to R, nothing. Then down to L was the bag in a very slight dip?
10. S down spur to then go straight, but went down R side of reentrant all way to nose and hit trail. Ok, take trail up to little stream, around small marsh, around rocky ground, up reentrant and in.
11. +05:30OOOOH Drew circle slightly low and didn't read clue - Mirc-o anyone! Took gap between cliffs slightly L of line, down spur, across dry marsh, up side of long spur around small knoll and over to cliff - not that one! Try this one, or maybe over there! I know I am here - over nearer dam. Maybe not here and on to next but just go over this last ridge - ugh!!! When I collected these 2 bags, I went R of cliffs and down then up long reentrant and this time went to correct cliff - time 3.18!
12. Check out dam - gated, then straight.
13. Over to trail, chasing after Lyn, take indist trail and in.
14. Straight and slight to R along edge of hill. See bag from way off.
15. Bad route - head down across small marsh to trail to R to final bend around. By now I realize should have taken trail on E side! Head down R spur to nice grassy trail to bottom then cut around cliffs and straight in.
16. Avoid cliffs (they're marked uncrossable so the rest of you guys are DQed;-} by going N to trail and follow back S, down rope, the cut corner.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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