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Race Evaluation

QOC: McKeldin: Blue


1. S-1 Starting after Eddie Bergeron and Dave Onkst, I took off quick. This leg appeared to be similar from the previous McKeldin meet prior to the Beer Chase. Staight down the reentrant, trying to use the not so big elephant paths through the silk grass to keep from tripping. Cutting left of the gully, I climbed left a bit to the ridge. Crossing it I saw Dave Onkst coming back at me which struck me as an odd way to go to #2. Ahead, I saw some people on top of the knoll looking down. I contoured from the saddle, dropped further and saw it, getting there before the people who were on top.
2. +05:001-2 I glanced at the leg and saw the trail along the river. I presumed it followed all the way along the water and that it was a shorter route than the high road that Dave appeared to be taking. I hadn’t read ahead enough to see that the trail ran out so I dropped down in the reentrant. Passing the trail going back up on my left I wondered but had to watch my footing while running fast. I stopped dead at the cliffs where the trail ran out. I immediately cut left, back up the steep hilll, not having considered crossing the rivver to avoid the climb and distance. I thought I'd hit the trail that I passed but because I angled up, I ended up hitting the main trail that Dave took. This mistake in recognition led me to go past the trail and contour up the reentrant. I popped out, 9 contours above the river near the toilets at the top of the spur. All the energy I had going to and leaving #1 seemed sapped now. Back down the trail, I almost missed the break in the trail heading the wrong direction but at least I looked at my compass to correct. Before hitting the saddle, Dave was climbing back up the hill having left #2 already. From the saddle, I climbed, then cut left to contour off the trail to the pit. I think the pit is shown on the map a bit too far off the trail. I ended up below the pit but looking lower for it. Eventually I climbed and found it was right above me half a contour or more and right next to the trail.
3. Back to the saddle, up a way, then contour over on deer trails until I could see the change in steepness. I dropped a little so as not to pass above the control, then followed the edge of the ride to the control.
4. +03:45I started up the high edge of the ride (in it there were too many fallen trees). My plan was to follow it to the road and take the road to the trail and then to the control. Even on the edge it was slow due to the climb and debris. Seeing the trail on my left, I thought to change plans and suck up the climb to the road. I emerged off the trail (to lessen the grade) near the bend in the road westward. Deciding to cut across the field, I wasn't sure where I should go into the woods again. I plunged in going somewhat straight and expecting to hit the trail I had planned on earlier. The silk grasses started confusing me. I came across a deer track and thought it was the overgrown trail. I cut left on it, climbed a little and dropped into the next reentrant before cutting back right again. Soon I got near a steep drop and thought I had somehow gone too far. In reality I was too far left and short. I was seeing a big reentrant dropping southward to the river. I cut back, wandered a bit and decided I needed to relocate. I couldn't figure out why a trail I found was on the south side of the reentrant. Down seemed best. I had gotten far enough west and down the hill to see a control across the reentrant I was following so I went to it. Had I gone straight I'd have seen the #4 control. The control I saw was on a switchback trail so I realized where to go after this. The time includes drinking water and getting a few steps away from the control.
5. +01:30Flustered at my failures so far, I tried to take more time planning. I decided to go high to the left and cross the road 200m south of the basketball courts. I should have thought further because once I got there, I don't know why but I turned south instead of keeping an eastward approach. I took roads past today's start and to the start of last June's Beer Chase. Finally I entered the woods again dropping all the way down to the river SW of the control. I followed the rocks in from there. Dave had just left and was going high to #6 as I approached #5.
6. I took the lower route since it seemed straighter. I paused after rounding the rocks and expected to see it. Instead, I saw Dave enter from high on my left. I went on and saw it. I think I got there just before Dave did but had to climb much more than I thought I would.
7. +00:10Down across the river and up the reentrant. Dave was following close. I think we both misread it at first and expected it to be on the west side. I even went to a rock there before re-reading, seeing it and crossing back.
8. +00:50Starting out straight, I saw a reeentrant on my right. It was early but I figured I must somehow have gotten off line too far left. Instead it was a mapping error that didn't show much of a closer reentrant. Dave got drawn into it with me before we both figured it out and went to the next. Once there, the climb up to the control seemed high.
9. Leaving #8, I went straight. After the short climb, I couldn't figure out why there was a drop in front of me. I thought I would be climbing the big hill. I was just reading badly. This spooked me about the Lidar contours but the contours were right. Dave caught up. Going further I saw the hill and climbed in a zig zag. I spotted some barbed wire in the grasses underfoot higher than was mapped and warned Dave. Eddie had warned Dave and I that the field was bad to cross. At the top of the hill, the woods seemed worse with fallen trees under silk grasses. I hit the field and fumbled my way across the 3 ft. weeds but running most of the time. I read the reentrant and followed the trees. Another orienteer was standing searching around too high. I spiked it but had a hard time seeing the faded control--perhaps this one needs to be replaced.
10. +02:00Around the marsh and into the woods, I hit the trail. I got carried away with the nicer running and again didn't read the map enough. I planned to go around the hill following the reentrants. I passed the first trail on my left which I should have taken. Next, I passed the bend that I planned to cut left on. Only after following the trail across the creek did I realize I had dropped way low. I climbed back following reentrants all the way up. The control was out in the open and real easy to find once I got near.
11. I set a bearing but wasn't sure I'd hit the right spur until half way there. Crossing the creek, I only had to cut left a little to hit the reentrant and follow it up to the control.
12. +01:20I actually took the time to analyze the route options and chose to go left appropriately. At the saddle, I tripped on something in the grasses near the manmade object (bricks). It catapulted me forward and into a 2 inch thick branch that was pointed out just right to nail my right quadracept. I had just gotten my left foot down and taken a little speed off it but still hit the stick hard, gashing it. I walked a bit then shuffled a jog down to the control. Time loss is for the fall.
13. I tried to pickup speed going down. The fallen tree along the reentrant kicked me higher which was good. I realized I should pull away from the reentrant anyway. I still paused at the bottom expecting to see it. I cut right and was there.
14. Heading straight, I thought to bear left at the formline contours and follow the river to the control. I cut left earlier at a dip that didn't seem to make it on the map. Perhaps this was the trail starting but I couldn't identify it as such. I spike the control.
15. +00:05Aiming for the river bend, I followed the trail once there. I got about 10m past where it was optimal to cut right, paused and went up to the control.
16. Crossing at what seemed to be becomming a path to the river. I got most of the way if not all the way across dry. This pit seems more like a gully to me even though it is not a hillside erosion.
17. +00:05Follow the trail to the bare rock, up and over it to the control. The height of the bare rock extended above the control height because I had to drop a little to the rock.
18. This leg was in last June's Beer Chase. I remembered doing it with Ted nearby. This time I easily memorized the route above the saddle and on the path to the reentrant.
F. I glanced at this one and rushed out. I climbed the reentrant all the way to the road instead of going more directly leaving the reentrant by going left of it a bit. I was slow. I also paused at the registration table at the end before Ted shooed me over to the finish table.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:45

Split Analysis

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