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Race Evaluation

SLOC Back to Woods: Red


2. First big route decision. Decided to take the much longer route on the road to the south and it appears to be optimal although Spike's was probably as good. David reports no errors on his route - straight west to cross creek, across the flood plain (thick and the trail is not there - this was noted on the master maps) and then following the trails up the hill - yet lost 4 minutes. Rob Wagnon also lost about that much taking a route even closer to red line.
3. Went around the ridge rather than over. Second big win on route choice. Spike also took this route and must have had fresher legs because I didn't mess it up.
4. +00:45Legs were getting pretty tired from running hard on roads and trails. Had to back off.
5. +04:00Huge parallel error. I lost focus and forgot where I was on the leg so I went up the wrong reentent from the stream. Recovered quickly once I realized what was wrong.
6. Third and final win on route choice. Took the red line on this one and took another minute out of those using the trail. David also boomed the control to lose another 4 minutes. Spike ran the trail route correctly and didn't lose much.
7. Really tired from this point on. Started to lose focus.
8. Drifted left and ended up running through thicker stuff near the power line.
9. Managed to pull it together for this running leg. Had no legs at all after this.
F. +01:00Note to self: if the finish location is on the map updates, make sure you transfer those to your map. Wandered around a bit because I wasn't sure where the shelter was.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:45

Split Analysis

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