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Race Evaluation

: Five Ponds Red


1. +02:00Rusty, ran to stream junction, then drifted south enroute to control. Wound up just north of large marsh 200m south
3. +02:30Course Setter warned of recent logging in green - good or bad thing?? - went through north part of green - not terrible, but not great - apparently there was a clear cut on the direct route.. oh well..
4. Clean but sluggish
6. +00:45A little tentative around 100-150m out, kept on slowly, ended up hitting it directly.
7. +04:00Followed up spur, edge of vegetation not mapped well (any more) wound up in a maze of vernal pools, most not mapped, backed out of green and found flag - not green at all near flag although map indicated flag 70-80m into dark green veg
8. +06:00Feeling unsure after 7, headed east and around the variable vegetation boundary, attacked from cliff west of marsh, wound up sliding just se of knoll and ended up on rocky hill 100m south. Realized my error and corrected. Moving slowly - out of shape. Steve Wood overtakes me (started 2 min behind me)
9. out to road just south of marsh, Steve into woods 15-20m earlier than me, but I see back first and sprint in. Leave quickly while he takes water
10. +00:20Caught Lyn Walker on road, we find a decent route up slope from here. Steve catches up and is left and just behind me. I know flag is to right, but slowly climb knoll to w and allow him to drift by, then duck low and zip back to flag - Lyn just arriving obviously wondering why I was on knoll. Just practicing my Gagarin 'sneaky moves'
11. +01:00Trail to road, then direct bearing, cross minor reentrant but see no flag, over to next one to find water and wall - one too far. Correct back to hit flag, just in front of Steve again
12. Running somewhat head to head with Steve, feel sluggish but pushing not to lose sight of him. He drifts L then heads into minor reentrant - apparently unsure with flag only 10m away, I come in and punch cleanly, although moving slowly.
13. In an effort to lose steve and gain some time, I head up first slope slowly studying the rest of the course. Decide to beeline between cliffs to marsh and then in - Clear the first ridge and take off at the best sprint I can muster. Spike the marsh and bolt without needing to look at map
F. Hit the trail and run in at a respectable clip... Not a great run, but good considering my condition

Total Time Lost - 00:16:35

Split Analysis

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