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Race Evaluation



1. Took the trail route right of the line. Not knowing the terrain it was perhaps a risk to use the boulder fields right off the bat, but it worked. Deliberate pace.
2. Basically ran the line, starting to like the detail in the map...
3. +00:30I was behind the map on this leg, so it was a little slow. Also, wasn't reading the details close to the control. Stood there reading the map and the boulder was right there in front of me. Should have known before getting there what to look out for.
4. No problems, really - sort of successfully used the detail without getting bogged down by it.
5. Took the trail up to the boulders to the right of the line and used the rocks to guide me over. Worked well.
6. Look the route to the left, thinking that the route to the right involved more climb. Didn't have to, but my route worked fine anyway. Attacked from the corner of the small trail, past the 3 boulder fields. Feeling pretty good at this point.
7. Drifted to the right, but as soon as I realized it was a line higher, looked left and saw the control. That was nice.
8. Getting scared of the details and squigly hill at this point.
9. +01:00Scaredness turns into major hesitation as I fail to go nearly far enough to grab this control...
10. +00:30On this leg, at first I thought, "oh crap, there's nothing there!" but then I realized that the shape of the hillside above me was pretty obvious. It took most of the leg for me to realize this...
11. +23:00Disaster. On a positive note, I did eventually find the charcoal platform, though I still couldn't tell you what they look like. I had to attack from the next control...twice...before I found this one.
12. I'd been here before...and no, I still couldn't describe a charcoal platform...
13. Trivial leg, really. Thank goodness.
14. +10:00Another one of those blasted charcoal platforms. Didn't occur to me to "charcoal hop" to the control, since I didn't know what they looked like. So I ran straight, like a fool, and right by it, hitting the trail past the control. Ran around for a bit, finally attacked from the high point on the trail, no problem.
15. +01:00Walked this one. Didn't want to have yet another problem with the charcoal beasts.
16. +01:00Had a slight run-in with some brambles, but then some confusion at the road because I thought the finish was somewhere it wasn't...

Total Time Lost - 00:37:00

Split Analysis

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