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Race Evaluation

Fort Rock: Blue


2. +00:40Go pretty far north, through #15, further north than I intended, but hit the control coming off the huge rocks to the northeast. See Janice wandering around.
4. Cruising here and feeling pretty good.
5. +01:00Lost a bunch of time trying to get to the underpass. Went too far to the right and had to come back to it. No problems after crossing the road, though/
6. +00:40Had a pretty miserable route choice, going too far north out of the control and then all the way around on trails before attacking off the long marsh coming off the trail. Was happy to see J-J at the control. He started before me.
7. Wanted to be very careful and started out slowly, keeping J-J in front of me.Was pleased to find little bridge between uncrossable swamps. Came into control right with J-J.
8. Tried to run away from J-J here and started off sprinting. Apparently, he was moving fast too since he got to the flag first after I stopped trying to pick out the right rock.
9. +02:30Again tried to run away from J-J, and this time it cost me. I started off in some random direction and wound up relocatng in the midst of the green west of the two uncrossable swamps. Then climbed the green ridge and ran along fine for a while. However, I stopped short and cut west to a little swamp maybe 175m to the northwest of the flag. Had to relocate and come back...
10. Ran straight at it and hit it
11. +04:20Disaster here. After wading through a couple of ankle-deep swamps, I saw J-J again and blindly followed him up a ridge, not realizing he was going to 12. If things couldn't get worse, I managed to not see J-J punch 12 and wandered around that are lost for a while before finding it and sprinting back to 11.
12. Having been here already, I sprinted the whole way and spiked it.
13. +00:30A bingoish control - I ran into the circle and looked around for a while before spotting the flag.
14. +01:00Losing concentration completely...Making small, ridiculous errors all over the place, as well as picking a poor route choice up the trail and over the huge cliffs
15. +00:20Just running around blindly, I happen to stumble onto the trail and then, after a little more bumbling, onto the control.
16. +01:00Ran right by the control and across the marsh before coming back to the flag...Oy. At least it's over...
F. ...or so I thought. Got myself into a green patch before finally dragging myself to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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