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Race Evaluation

Western Canadian Orienteering Championships 2005: Sprint 3 (Friday)


1. +00:25Across the parking lot to the SW corner and along the trails. The control was misplaced (on the hill, a couple metres from the edge, rather than on the edge), and that resulted in me not seeing it as I went by. A little confused, I kept going along the trail and looked on the NW side of the hill. Not seeing it there, I went back and found it. And my pace on the leg was still quite close to 4 min/km (unreasonably fast with the lost time), something's not right with the map scale in the area or the timing.
3. Along the beach.
5. Arrived at the parking lot in the SE corner, via some trail.
7. SE to the road, and along the trails. Saw the control from the trail and cut through the green.
9. Perhaps a little slow going up the stairs. Cut through the mini-golf course, but it was slower-going as I avoided the greens and trees. Probably didn't gain anything.
10. +00:15Wasn't paying attention as I headed across the field. Hit the road, north of the control, and was ready to cross it before I figured things out.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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