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Race Evaluation

Western Canadian Orienteering Championships 2005: WCOC Day 1 Course 8


1. A tad hesitant in the beginning, as I wasn't totally sure that I had taken off down the correct trail.
2. Went pretty much straight. Might have gone a little further left of the line than necessary in the very beginning while avoiding some of the thickets. The control was quite visible.. I saw it from the other side of the trail.
3. To the trail, east/SE to the bend, and around the east end of the green depression.
4. +00:20South-ish to the main east-west trail, then south on the other trail to approach the control from the west. Started to drift a little south in the open field, and hesitantly corrected.
5. Straight.
6. West out of #5, along the south side of the ridge, and up the larger trail. Saw the control when I saw still a good ways away in the field.
7. +00:30Along the southern trail and in from the SE. I headed straight for the copse to the west of the control. Rather worried for a couple seconds that I had blown what was looking like a very good race, before realizing I was just a little off. Also might have been a little slow in making my way over to the trail in the beginning of the leg.
8. +00:20West through some green, around the ridge to the trail and along the trail. Went a few metres too far along the trail ended up a little north of the control at first.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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