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Race Evaluation

HVO Bushy Ridge: Red


1. +00:30I rerun the course, trying out different route choices. I also want to see if I can do the course under one hour. - I go more straight and avoid small micro curves. I promptly overrun the control going around a dark green patch.
2. +00:10I don't read the map enough and drift a little bit.
3. Back to reading precisely. Gain some time because the control was on the wrong boulder during the meet last Saturday. It is amazing that checking for the (missing) control cost me almost two minutes, just standing still and checking the boulder from all sides.
4. +00:30I cut through some green, which I had avoided in the first run. Get stuck and also have to cross some rocky areas. Still have a better time.
5. Straight line is faster than out to trail.
6. +00:50I try the other side of the swamp, less trail, less distance. Turns out to be slower. Trail running saves time, even with considerable added distance.
7. Similar route, but less micro curving in the end.
8. I move out to trail as direct as possible. Saves a lot of time, instead of slogging through woods.
9. Stay lower, get caught in green and rocks which I avoided in the first run. I stay low and go directly to control, avoid the excess climb I had the first time.
10. Big time saving. Stay out of green long enough. Pulled in too early the first time, now I am right on. 90 seconds faster!
11. Run almost same route, avoid obstacles like rock, trees better.
12. +01:20The tough green leg. Stay high, hope to avoid climb. Get stuck in dark green for a moment. Think now it is lost, I will lose time big time. Keep fighting along a ridge to control. Only 6 seconds slower, but the first time I struggled with the control placement, had to check the descriptions, lost a minute. So the loss in the green is about 60-90 seconds. Actually not that bad, because I responded without panicking in the thick green and kept reading the map. In this green area one tends to fight with the vegetation and forget about the cliffs and hills which tell pretty much where I am. This time I paid attention to them, until I rushed it towards the end. Just over the hill, I thought. Wrong, little direction change and I was stuck in the green.
13. +00:30Go as direct as I can, instead of following the two swamps. Turns out to be fast, except that I drift somewhat west of the control. Still faster.
14. Downhill and I stay precisely on the line. Saves me 17 seconds.
15. I see that I am at 55 minutes, to my own surprise. High speed around the pond.
F. Sprint, I can make it. - The rerun is fun. I find that most of 'wide' turns using the trails were good choices. Some small decisions to cut 50 or 100 meter here and there pay off in good time gains.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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