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Race Evaluation

WCOC - US Team Fundraiser B-Meet & Sprint: Sprint


1. +00:08took a few moments to find triangle, then head N to building hoping there was nothing impassable behind it - there wasn't
2. straight
3. wasn't sure how messy cliffs on west were and certainly didn't want to climb from bottom so chose to climb over top and down small reentrant - spike
4. back over top, around end of big cliff then straight - on S side of buildings
5. straight, a little hesitation coming out of woods looking for trails, but relied on pond locatioon instead
6. +00:10bit of a grunt up the hill, but clean
7. open to L, up trail
8. +00:20hung up in briars leaving, went over top for white gap which required more careful foot placement than expected - navigation clean, but apparently not too fast on hill
F. the run in, surprised to break 10 minutes easily, a nice run to tire my legs before red

Total Time Lost - 00:00:38

Split Analysis

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