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Race Evaluation

WCOC - US Team Fundraiser B-Meet & Sprint: Sprint


1. Seemed to take me forever to find the start triangle and orient the map.
2. Started out heading too much East, which meant extra climb.
3. +00:30I went to the cliff above the one the flag was on, and took too long to figure it out.
4. +01:00Bizarre. I went to the right cliff, attacking from the N., but the circle suggested to me it was on the S side and I never saw the flag as I swung around. Stood there looking stupid. Decided to check the top of the cliff (since I had no clues). Still nothing. Looked around at the terrain. Convinced myself I had to be at the right cliff. Started to go around it again and, by magic, the flag was there, tucked into a nook. By now, over a minute was lost.
5. +00:45I was pissed, so I did what I often do when I'm pissed: make another mistake. In this case, down to the road. Took road to the bend, then over to the intricate little trails. Somehow, I went right past the flag without seeing it tucked into the hedge. Circled around the little pond. When I came back, it had magically appeared.
6. I was pretty well rested from the last two controls, so I ran hard the rest of the way without further incident.
8. Took the trail N of the line, which, considering some of the slow times, must have been a good idea.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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