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Race Evaluation

Texoma: Red


1. +00:45Took down a small trail instead of the road, then got confused. Trying to pay too much attention to*all* the detail.
2. Went around the hill, so not much problem, but trail really wasn't that fast.
3. Again with all the detail. Took the long route to the left and it was not fast going.
4. More details, but a little faster this time. No problems with the route, but it was very careful and windy on the trails.
5. +04:00Went up to the left of the main drainage, and kept pulling left, so I ended far off. Scale issue for me here. Took me a while to realize where I was. (Intersection way left of the fence.) No problems from there.
6. Short, quick, and fun leg. :-)
7. No problems that I can recall, just slow going up the hill.
8. +01:00First got confused about the fact that I actually was crossing the big trail where I thought I was, then didn't keep track of reentrants on the right so I passed the one with the control. Quite sloppy execution.
9. Straightforward, just ran the line.
10. Moved hard on this leg. First left of the line to main road, then right of line. Felt good, not too worried about the previous mistakes.
11. +10:00Wow. So much for feeling good. Followed stream all the way down to the right rather than cross it, so ended up going over big hill to the right of the control instead of small hill beneath it. Took me several minutes to realize my mistake. Still not used to scale!
12. I'd already been pretty close to this one...
13. Eek, a tiny saddle in the middle of green and trash. Yum. Slow and cautious through the green.
14. +00:30Lots of small rocky features around here, map a little funky to read, so I was moving pretty cautiously.
15. +00:30Almost got pulled to the right into nasty green stream but this time caught myself. No problems from there.
16. +00:30Getting a little tired at this point. Went right of the green stuff in the middle and didn't realize right away how to get to the control. At the beginning of the course, I'd been working back from the control, and I did here, but not very thoroughly...
17. Followed streams to the left of line. No problems, just slow going. Grr.
18. Attacked from first post past the big trail.
19. Hauled butt here because I wanted to finish before 2:00. Yikes! 2 hours!
F. Okay, just barely missed it. That's okay, should be gunning it at the end always anyway!

Total Time Lost - 00:17:15

Split Analysis

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