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Race Evaluation

HVO Winding Hills: Red


1. East side of pond, straight up reentrant.
2. +01:00Contour around hill, drop one wall too low, have to climb back up
3. Downhill, follow the green patches to control.
4. Cross south of both swamps, over knoll to cliff.
5. +00:20Straight, past playground area. Stop at road, don't see it first on map.
6. Rentrant, hill and over spur to control.
7. Running down trail, to dam up to control.
8. +00:50Through reentrant, realize too late that control is indeed on small reentrant above.
9. Run trails to road, attack straight from wall/road intersection.
10. Run to map exchange.
11. Get map, study and drink, then run off.
12. Start to feel the warm weather on the uphill.
13. No contouring and stuff, just right over the hill, along the trail for 100m, then down crossing the reentrants.
14. +00:30Over dam, on road to campground. Go straight across several reentrants and spur. Big trail mapped as small narrow throws, double check and stand still. Not good to stop. I am perfectly fine on way to control, as I see on next wall on top of the spur.
15. Downhill and climb. Steep.
16. +00:30Cross spur to green. No control, no green. Look up and down spur, finally see flag beyond spur.
17. Uphill. Working my way up.
18. Along hilltop towards tower, then I dropped down reentrant.
F. +00:20Run downhill in small reentrant, cross over to pond. Using trail would be faster.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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