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Race Evaluation

HVO/DVOA Dual Meet: Red


1. Allow the ledge, across the parking a little hes. then down to bag (lower than thought). Not sure how I lost so much time.
2. Field then around and in.
3. +01:45Tried crappy way out along stream, then went back to whitish/briarish, then across field and cut in, but didn't aim well as the lone tree was quite distinct looking on the map. But it's a tree in the forest so I should've aimed better. Searched behind a few trees. Boy this was costly.
4. +00:30Exit terrible through too much green. Then trail. Up, past horses, in pretty straight.
5. Heard Cornish (I presumed) going to 6.
7. Glimpses of Cornish ahead, catching at bag.
8. +00:10Hes. on exit, then charge down, up & over, behind Mark.
9. +00:05Drank water, then chasing Mark until I look behind unmapped rootstock and he looks on back of pond.
10. +00:15Lost/hesitant at end. Lucky to find it.
11. +00:10Through lots of briar, to trail to reentrant (no field.) I bet straight was faster.
12. Cross field, contour in.
13. Up, right, left, the briar zig-zag-ow dance, and hit it okay.
14. Across, down up around the top. Seemed to drop way down from trail but gully crossing looked unpleasant.
15. +00:05Up, hes at first trail, then to 2nd trail, down and forest diagonal in.
16. Up, trails, in, saw punch before bag.
17. +00:30Bearing, then dead stop trying to figure out what rock was mapped. Used vague stream junc. & eventually saw two kinda straight lines of rock more or less up/down of each other, and went between them.
18. Scared the pants off some lady as I hit the trail on exit. Apologized, and kept going, left at Y then across soccer field and in (lots of kids there, but no game in progress.)
19. Trails
20. +00:12Out, hit road and it was green so aimed left, then shot through, hitting bridge.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:42

Split Analysis

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