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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill: Chapel Sprint


1. Straight, using control #13 as a guide
2. We should probably have a discussion about this control....
3. North of paramecium, then into woods, right, left, left. I'm thinking south of paramecium or even coming into the woods from the south would have been faster.
8. mostly straight, pausing at the water channel to find a good crossing
9. Tripped over a couple of osage oranges on the way out of #8. Took trail then into woods after it turned left.
10. I saw PG (who started a minute behind me) coming into #9 as I was leaving. I cut a tiny corner of the trail. Faster would have been to cut a much bigger corner.
12. I was mostly out of gas here, spent some time walking up here. Looked back to see PG at #11. Figured it was touch&go whether he would catch me.
F. woowoo -- beat PG in by 11 secs! Of course that meant he beat me by almost 50.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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