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Race Evaluation

US Relay Champs: Red


1. Bad route choice
We're leading after the third leg! The relay championship is mine to blow. Start off nervous as hell, thinking we have about a 1 1/2 minute lead over DVOA, based on the green-leg spectator control. Very conservative route choice --left to open area, then onto trails--provides a chance to study the map. While punching, I hear a noise behind me. Clem! Oh no!
2. Most of the way to #2 is an exercise in trying not to panic. Exercise is successful. Come upon small, elongated hilltop and turn left into control.
3. Decide to follow stream into control. About 50m past road crossing, decide that field to left is much better route. Too late. Halfway too control I look up and see Clem cruising along field. Running as fast as possible through debris-laden reentrant, I manage to reach control first.
4. Bad distance judgement
Follow stone wall to corner. Hang a left. Stop short and too far left. Clem shows up seconds later. He sorts things out first and beats me to control.
5. Panic suppression required once again, but I'm moving faster than Clem and reach control first.
6. Navigating along left edge of green takes me through the rocky reentrant and into control. No sign of Clem.
7. Hesitated
Splash through stream, climb hill, and follow ridge line. Slow going through pines. Hesitate one reentrant too early, sort things out, and punch. Still no sign of Clem.
8. While climbing the long hill, realize there's no one in sight and remainder of course is relatively simple. Just don't blow #11 and we're all set.
9. At spectator control, Karen Williams lunges as if to tackle me, confirming that Clem hasn't been through yet.
10. Trying not to fall flat on face in front of cheering throngs.
11. This is the one not to blow. Hit it dead on. Cool.
12. Control location -- reentrant in open field -- triggers Wyoming flashbacks.
13. Might as well take the road. Near the control, Peggy Dickison, who has been trash-talking me all day, launches her last, desperate salvo.
F. It doesn't work. I don't fall on my face. SVO crosses the finish line first. And there was much rejoicing.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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