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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 2


2. Attacked from hilltop rt of swamp. Stopped 15s in middle of all the small pit marshes and said "where the f*** is the flag?" Decided to continue uphill to get a better view and ran across it.
6. road to just past clearing.
7. Straight. reading well.
9. Didn't see trail option. Went straight, drifted left to eastmost stock in swamp with control on it, then west.
13. Saw Joe B just after crossing the road. I went to the formline hill on the rt, looking left over my shoulder at Joe who was on the correct hill, then bailed towards him when my hill ran out.
14. Punched with Joe.
15. headed towards bottom end of uncrossable marsh thinking I'd either go around it to the rt. or cross if possible. Hit a nice beaver dam, went up the white woods past the rockpile off the green swamp and in.
16. Took risky straight line route, hit end of ruined wall and got lucky.
18. Trying to get away from Joe B, I wasn't paying attention and ended up left and at the big stream. Lost 1.5 mins and Joe came right in and punched with me.
19. road.
20. Stupid error. Ran the leg well, went right down the reentrant. Didn't see control, then hit end of stone wall as catch. All I needed to do was go 3 steps up the reentrant and would see it, but like a dummy I ran west along the steepness untill I knew I was too far, then went back. Ugh. What was I thinking?!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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