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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Red X


1. +00:05checked out the pit
2. Hesitated
contour to northbound wall, up wall to westbound wall, marsh, marsh, hesitated in circle
3. Bad route choice
stream, wall, pick up knoll marsh w/rootstock. Was stupid and did not cross stream before road and got caught in green
4. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
try to follow spur like things got low found rockpile then found second rockpile at edge of circle
5. straight at it hit south end of marsh
6. Lacked confidence
bailed left of plan corrected to muddy area of trail (mapped as clearing), follow marsh, over saddle in spur, contour along, think I lose contact so I, drop down to valley and pick up boulder and marsh.
7. Hesitated
Road run, off pond, pick up clearings on left and then clearing on right. Hesitated for poor visibility, felt spur should be mapped light green
8. stream junction find boulder by stream, excellent visibility - spike
9. Bad compass work
did a 180. Heard rumors of rare migratory waterfowl in the swamp to the south and figured I'd check it out while I was here. Eventually followed propery boundry to stream, then went thru green, missed, found the small reentrant to the south
10. northern wall corridor thru green, down wall to water features, pick up spur, broad reentrant, and rootstock on bank of reentrant. Relief when I see the orange on this one. Incidently, Eric Weyman told me he would have taken the southern ruined wall corrider and map-read the form knolls then long reentrant in
11. a little left of straight line to be collected by second east west wall, then off corner and patch of green
12. Bad map reading
went left and managed to find the worst runnability woods never even looked at the map, like an idiot

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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