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Race Evaluation

NEOC Prospect Hill: Green


1. trying to train for NEOC champs. Using old Timex watch since I can't find my Casio -- I believe the Timex is unreliable, so we'll see what the times look like. First leg: take the highway, it's the best
3. This is the irst time I came right over the top -- tricky footing
4. Try to minimize time spent descending on rocks.
5. Not optimal, cutting off trail S of wall -- better is to follow wall a little higher
6. By picnic area to right
7. around right of big depression across the road
9. Staying lower than usual this time.
10. Wasn't paying attention (wiping sweat off) and went through the viewing area, losing a few seconds. Rest of leg was spot on.
11. Tried cutting the corner after the little hill this time.
12. Not quite optimal, coming around the side. I think over the top of the last little hill is best.
13. On a straight line.
14. Tried to head straight, but ended up a little left. But this time I went up the reentrant.
15. A lot of water, so I couldn't go straight once I reached the road.
F. Again, water prevented me from taking usual route -- N to trail. Instead, NNE to trail. Goal: 50 min. by Fri. We'll see.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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