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Race Evaluation

QOC: Wheaton: Blue


1. Dave Onkst set the advanced courses and altered the map such that no trails, buildings or fields (the usual catching and navigating features) were shown; primarily contours, streams and vegetation guided racers. As I almost stumbled on a leaf hidden branch a few feet into the woods, I remembered Peggy's last words not to twist an ankle. I went pretty straight but reading and checking off reentrants and ditches along the way. I was just a bit left at the end but close enough to see it in the open woods. I enjoyed the gentle downhill slope and felt fairly light having succesfully made it to a bathroom before the race.
2. I had thoughts of contouring around but thought it much too early in the race to need to do that. Down the ditch to the stream, then up, reading my way just left of the pits at the top and around the small unmapped deadfall to the control.
3. +01:00I figured it'd be best to use the trails so I got to the hill top and cut left on the ridge, seeing Andy Strat along the way. I cut right on the trail to stay on the ridge then headed left again to get to the maintenance area; keeping that on my right. Going down into the valley from there, I got too far right and hit the stream early. I was having trouble estimating distance and thought I might be able to see the control as I descended but didn't. At the stream I cut left up it. Some other orienteers on another course were coming up behind me a bit. The valley widened and I stayed along what I thought was the more defined stream. This took me right (north) of the control into what was mapped as fight green. Perhaps it's a bad area in the summer but today it was just light green. Something made me realize I shoud be more left so I hopped the slight spur and got into the right reentrant where I could see the control, still ahead.
4. +00:15The others following behind me approached the control as I left. I rushed out with a bad bearing, right back into the fight green that I had come from when getting to the control. I climbed higher picking my way through the brush and eventually turned left on a trail that was perpendicular to my direction. I knew it'd curve back around. At the next intersection, I cut straight across and could see the buildings through the woods. I passed right by my parked car, then past the start to get to the control.
5. I angled back to the trail and then down to the dam. I pretty much went straight from the end of the dam and spiked it.
6. I followed the train tracks around the green and across the field. Going up the ridge to the control, I could see disturbed leaves from others who came before me.
7. I first drank. I then started out getting pushed left by downfall and vegetation. I corrected slightly but was about to overcorrect when I saw the control. With the brush in the way it was still hard to get to while trying to run fast.
8. I stayed left and somewhat low. In hind sight, straight would have been faster. Going left didn't reduce the green. High may have been even better but I didn't recognize the white corridor to be the trail until after finishing. As I crested the last hill and could see the control, I saw Michael Warlters ahead punching.
9. I stopped to decide how to do the long leg not for long enough. I chased Michael to the old ice rink and caught him as we both rounded it to the right. I should have stayed higher to the right and knew this from previous course setting but I hadn't realized until too late that the control was on the same big hill we'd been on at #2. I had to climb six contours at the end and got there ahead of Michael who'd gone right.
10. +01:00I rushed out as Michael was only 15-20 seconds behind. I thought my bearing was good because I passed the last pit, right on the course line. As I descended further, I drifted a bit right and passed an old concrete water fountain. This one wasn't on today's map nor does it appear to be on last year's map. I hadn't realized this at the time and mistook it for the manmade object SW of the control. I attacked going NE which took me further right of the control. I saw the road below and no control so I cut right further before looping back and contouring across to the control. Michael, who was a bit behind me still told me afterward that I did a good job of misdirecting him away from the control.
11. +00:15I went straightish but drifted right. I hit the reentrant system on the east side and had to come slightly back up around it to the control.
12. +00:30I started off wanting to use the flatish and twisted ridge. Eventually, I realized that I had drifted enough to not know precisely where I was. I relocated in a reentrant 150m NNE of the control. Even then, I stopped one ditch too soon, not realized that it forked in the wider reentrant.
13. I came up to the trail just left of the line, then went right on the trail. I had gone by this control earlier when going to #9 but since it was on a trail (unmapped for this race), I didn't know it would be an advanced control.
14. I went down to the stream much like I had gone to #9 earlier; down a reentrant a little bit right of the line to #14. On the other side, I had to force myself to turn left enough. I angled up and spiked it.
15. Fairly straight down the reentrant. I could see it before crossing the creek.
16. I started going straight and using the trail. I got to the buildings and wasn't sure which one was the Visitor Center which we were allowed to go through and which was the marked out-of-bounds area. Both had unmapped fences so I just cut right to go through the Visitor Center parking lot. I came up the trail from there but cut right too soon when the trail took a bend left and somewhat uphill. Following the stream and fence as I did was shorter but perhaps slower because of the vegetation.
17. +00:20I remembered making an error on a similar leg in the Sprint that Dave had setup in 2004. On that race, I had stayed low and overshot the control. This time, I cut up sooner and got distracted by the first reentrant/ditch on the left. I kept looking left before realizing the control was on a ditch much closer to the fence. I was 1.5 contours high.
F. I knew there was a trail leading from Pine Lake to the finish so I headed to the lake. I cut the corner a bit and pushed it in.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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