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Race Evaluation

QOC: Wheaton: Blue


1. Started off slow. I am very familiar with Wheaton and the map looked funny. All the features I normally use were missing. Pretty man just ran straight and pace counted. Pegged the control.
2. Control over the hill, contoured a little bit but pretty much straight.
3. This was the hardest leg. I cut south to hit the trail system. hit the park building areas which was really confusing. finally took the trail to the stream and cut up the stream to the control
4. Straight to the ice rink and around to the boulder.
5. Back to the trail, around the lake and cut around on the railroad tracks.
6. I continued down the railroad tracks, across the open field (not on the map) and up the proper spur. Dave Hauver just in front of me. At this control I couldn't get a cup out of the bag. I lost about 10 seconds fumbling. Dave was holding the jug ready to pour but I had nothing to pour into.
7. Straight. First noticable green area. My back is sore and I hut to have to duck under stuff.
8. I went left of straight and counted the ditches as I went.
9. Back to the start. I was orienteering from then until I realized that it was the earthbank at the top of the hill. Just ran up the hill to it.
10. Start off straight but was drifting right. about 1/2 way there I realized this was the outhouse platform so had no problem finding it.
11. Straight. Green wasn't bad. Up over hill to contorl.
12. Straight, across the field with the X. Figured the out of bounds areas was the ranger's house. I was a little off to the right but could see the control from way off.
13. I had some trouble with this one. I drifted a little right and was having a tough time reading the hill top. I could see the control but it was at a trail junction. turns out the man made object was a road tail sign.
14. Down the reentrant to the stream and andgles up the hill side to the control. Was still to low and had to climb way up.
15. Down the reentrant and up the other side. Could see the control way off.
16. Cut down by the nature center. Around the parking area and up the trail. Trail to where it bent away from the stream. I cut through the green to the other trail by the fence.
17. Run along the fence.
F. Straight up the hill to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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