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Race Evaluation



1. +01:00First one out so no tracks. On line, about 50m short of bag, I saw a bag in the reentrant to my right, 75m away. Same clue. Hes. look further, look back uphill at the other bag. Hes. Look further. Look back uphill. Look further. Okay. Phew.Oh
2. +00:10Try to make up for it, mostly on line, getting wimpy at a marsh crossing and doublechecking compass a lot, but only missed right a little bit.
3. Trying to run away from WW, but it was briary, and bumpy, and I had to read the map a little too.
4. +00:05Straight down, super-careful crossing of icy snow covered rocks on creek, then up and almost missed left but saw it 20m to my right, contouring over.
5. +01:30Drifted way right on exit, then up spur, across road, found platform and line of rocks pretty easily. Drift early was costly.
6. +00:15Fell on some rocks early, but picked up pace at end and attacked okay (although I was lower than I though by a bit.)
7. Trail, drank at road. Followed near pseudo-trail/ditch, then right and little reentrant, then bearing in.
8. Down up, nailed it. Lost yet another minute to Super-Clem.
9. +00:15Hes. leaving control, then hammered along contour picking up platforms and the spur part way, and a little hes. near the end.
10. +01:00Left of line. Bad idea as it was big-rock (with snow/ice covered stuff to lean on with bare hands...), then followed 3 platforms in.
11. +00:10Hes. on exit, then chose briar instead of rock and marched/ran up diagonally, nailing it.
12. +02:00Contour/drop to trail, then trail to... gosh I can't figure out where I am at all. Well it seems like it may be far enough, cut back in staying about the right distance from the trail. Don't see it, don't see it, cut back to trail (probably from ~30m away), hit trail, figure out angle, head back in just a little lower, and farther from the trail and there's my bag.
F. +00:05Back out the way I came in, which was a little sideways.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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